Midol N.,  Hybridation des inconscients dans l'inter-transe d'une séance d'hypnose, Université Cote d'Azur, chercheur associé au LAPCOS, Revue HEGEL, Médecines, Sciences, Cultures, vol 9, N°2, juin 2019,



 Following the introduction, the article describes a session of hypnosis that transformed into a “happening.” It then analyzes the session using the “explicitation interview” methodology defined by Pierre Vermersch, which allows for a step-by-step analysis of the interactions that emerged within the transactional space between the two participants. As a result, we see that it is particularly interesting to evaluate a hypnosis experience involving trance states in terms of that which is co-constructed within the therapist-client communication. Doing so brings to light the implicit knowledge that augments the “third party,” which is defined as the content and the sense of what is shared between the therapist and the client in a hypnosis session. Within the session presented here, we see a hybridized phenomenon in which the participant evokes levels of the unconscious and imaginary that correspond not only to the Western collective unconscious, but also to ethnically foreign repertoires of the collective unconscious. This phenomenon is interpreted as a reflection of globalization mechanisms that prompt actors to integrate both “other” and paradoxical logics.

The implications of this article directly question how integrative and complementary medicine are confronted with the validation of medicinal approaches coming from ancestral traditions of shamanic origin in their attempt to bring together diverse medicinal practices.

Three questions result:

1: Can new science venture into the heart of the shared transactional interactions that occur in trance states?

2: Is it possible to consider hypnosis not as an objectifiable technique, but as an inter-trance relation within a specific therapeutic context?
3: Is it possible to bring scientific interest to the healing capacities of certain spiritual mechanisms such as reversion?



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